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Gingivitis and Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease, also know as Periodontal disease can cause many health problems. Usually preceding gum disease patients experience inflammation of their gums, known as Gingivitis. Gingivitis is the mildest form of periodontal disease. It causes the gums to become red, swollen, and bleed easily. There is usually little or no discomfort at this stage. Gingivitis is…
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Root Canals

Root canals are tiny passageways that branch off from beneath the top of the tooth, coursing their way vertically downward, until they reach the tip of the root. All teeth have between one and four root canals. Many tooth problems involve infections that spread to the pulp, which is the inner chamber of the tooth…
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Implant Restoration

A dental implant is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis or to act as an orthodontic anchor. Restoration is a term used in dentistry to describe restoring the function of the tooth by replacing missing…
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Sleep & Snoring Treatment

Do you or someone you know snore while sleeping or has been previously diagnosed with sleep apnea? Dr. Howarth can provide you with a custom made snoring / sleep appliance. Thru the use of a sleep appliance patients with sleep apnea can reduce the use of a CPAP machine or eliminate it entirely. Also patient’s…
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