Easy Home Remedies for Your Teeth Care

Even though your tooth ache might not be too much to bear, it can still be extremely painful. Pain is the signal given by your body that you should visit a doctor. But there are a few minor pains and toothaches that may be curable at your home itself. Or the pain could be reduced till the time you visit a dentist in Cary. So, if you have trouble the next time around, you can try out these simple remedies at home.

Use a little clove oil

Using clove oil has been a home remedy for centuries. It is highly effective as it contains a chemical called eugenol that has antibacterial and anesthetic properties. You can apply it by soaking a cotton ball in a mixture of olive oil and clove oil and then put it inside your mouth close to the tooth that is troubling you and then bite it so that it remains in that spot. However, you should not fall asleep with that cotton ball tucked inside the mouth.

You can put a cough lozenge or drop inside your mouth

Cough lozenges and drops also constitute of a small portion of anesthetic and that signifies that your minor toothache can be relieved too. Pop a couple of them in your mouth and keep sucking.

These kitchen staples can also help

A commonly used home remedy that can help alleviate a tooth ache is by inserting a hot teabag on to your affected tooth. Tea can reduce swelling as it constitutes tannic acid. A slice of cucumber when placed on your tooth may also work magic. The same applies to a cotton ball dipped in brandy. There are many people who believe that spinach, onions, garlic and rinsing your mouth with salt water may also give some relief from a tooth ache.

clove oil

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