Should People over 60 Forgo Dental Implants?

With improvements in the field of medicine and quality of living, the average age of people today is 70 years. People living beyond 90 years are not uncommon either. However, many of these senior citizens are not able to continue the food habits of their young age due to loss of teeth due to natural […]

Dentistry from the Heart

Aching tooth, cavities or sore gums, should only mean a quick trip to the dentist to fix the painful problem. Unfortunately, many adults who suffer from dental problems, bear with it silently with the aid of over the counter pills as their medical insurance policies do not cover dental treatments. This silent suffering gave rise […]

At What Age Can You Get Orthodontic Treatment For Your Child

The number of children undergoing orthodontic treatment in Cary NC, Apex NC, and places around the US is rising. Parents realize the importance of timely orthodontic treatment to contain and reverse cosmetic dental problems. It can preempt the need for oral surgery and major cosmetic dentistry since a child’s jaw is still growing and intervention can […]

Five Reasons You Should Start Flossing

Despite brushing our teeth at least once a day, most people do not practice the healthy habit of flossing. It helps to remove food particles and plaque that are stuck in places hard to reach with the toothbrush. Dental floss usually consists of nylon, comes waxed or unwaxed and is available in several flavors. Here […]