Tips for Healthy Teeth Throughout Life

Most of us take healthy teeth for granted and only a strong tooth ache or issues like dry mouth and bad breath make us consider visit to the local dental clinic at Cary. Few know that healthy teeth and gums are an indication of good health and early detection of oral problems can help in […]

Do Soft Drinks Harm Your Dental Health?

When was the last time you were outdoors, feeling tired and you decided to drink pure water to alleviate the feeling? Most people prefer soft drinks in situations like this. The alluring taste that soft drinks leave in your mouth is hard to resist. Though having soft drinks once in a while may not hurt […]

How To Select Your Pediatric Dentist

A dentist with extensive pediatric dental experience is important to your child's oral health. People tend to ignore any teeth or gum problems, which results in severe oral problems in the future for children. As they grow up the problems become huge and sometimes lead to speech impairment. Every parent should have a family pediatric […]

Dental Guide to Surviving the Holidays

It is the season to be jolly, spread cheer and happiness and partake in the food and festivities. We all have a tendency to overdo ourselves. Don’t neglect your teeth and dental care. To be on the safer side do pay a visit to the Holly Springs dentist post your holidays. Also, give yourself a […]