Milestones in Dental Care from Childhood to Adulthood

All parents record milestones in their children’s lives about their first words, first walk along with details about height and weight at different ages. But few record details about first tooth eruption, appearance for first adult tooth or date when braces were attached. If you are a proud parent and want to have more memories […]

Warning Signs and Cures for Gum Diseases

Gum diseases are bacterial infections that cause gum inflammation and tissue deterioration which can lead to loss of teeth over a period of time if not treated immediately. The earliest sign of gum disease is gingivitis followed by periodontitis which is an advanced state of the problem. Early warning signs of gum disease are bad […]

Dentists Discuss Common Denture Issues And Treatment

Dentists Discuss Common Denture Issues And Treatment People loose their teeth for a variety of reasons that range from bad oral health to injury. Fortunately, thanks to modern dental sciences, these broken teeth can be replaced with the help of affordable dentures. Dentures are basically artificially constructed replacements for teeth that can be conveniently removed […]

Cary And Raleigh Dentists Give Tips For Family Dental Care

Proper dental health is a not just an individual responsibility. As humans, we must do our best to pay attention to the dental health of our families as well. The last thing we need is for our family to suffer from the consequences of improper oral health. Dental problems can lead to several medical conditions […]